We will achieve the following:

  • Do they have the required skills and experience for the job? We know how obvious that sounds, but how many interviews have you conducted when that hasn’t been the case? It won’t happen with us.

  • Understand career plans and motives for change. It is important the job being offered is a close fit for the candidate. We will present the opportunity in an attractive manner but we will never over-sell it as this will ultimately cause problems in the future.

  • Our commitment is to successfully recruit your vacancy with the best possible candidate. As we work on an exclusive basis we have no vested interest in which candidate is ultimately employed meaning we do not ‘coach’ the candidate, hide potential skeletons, misrepresent the vacancy or unduly influence the process.

Vacancy Management

Our recruitment team will be as involved as you would like/need through the interview, offer and start process. Typically we would arrange the interviews relay the offer and confirm start dates.

Brand protection

Every candidate, every job-seeker, is a potential customer yet it is extraordinary the negative experiences that they suffer. We ensure that interested parties are managed fairly and efficiently and that those candidates who are appropriate for short listing are managed speedily and with all consideration to ensure that their initial interest is turned into desire to progress to interview stage.

Not everyone can get the job of course but we ensure that the candidate experience is a positive one all through the recruitment process. Including responding to every application even if it is a polite and professional refusal.