Why have we reduced our recruitment fees?

There is no secret that recruitment fees are often seen as excessive, however this is usually a result of the way that agencies choose to sell and recruiting companies choose to buy their third-party recruitment services. Most assignments are agreed on a contingency, multi-agency agreement.

This means that several agencies work on a position and the one that successfully fills it, is the one that can invoice for the service. In theory, you would think that this competition is a good thing. In reality, it is a race to the bottom, with quality quickly out of the window and KPIs such as speed of CV send winning the day.

It is not that anyone sets out to do a bad job, it is just a case that in these situations there is not the time to write quality advert copy, create a long list, carry out thorough assessment and therefore present a quality and relevant shortlist of candidates. Agencies working on this basis, will report a fill rate of c 1 in every 4/5 vacancies, with every successful placement in effect compensating for the assignments where no revenue was produced.

If, however a recruitment business was to fill every position that they worked on, then it makes sense that their fee could be significantly lower than the standard terms we see in the market today. The traditional contingency, multi agency model does not allow this to happen and so in our view is no longer fit for purpose.

We realised that if we work exclusively with our clients, we would benefit from significantly higher fill rates than average. When combining this with our ability to work flexibly, using technology to reduce our operating costs, we understood that we would be much better off working with fewer clients but in a much more mutually beneficial arrangement.

In short, we get exclusivity allowing us to do our job properly and increase our fill rates.  We work with clients that want to work with us and in return our clients get a very competitive fee arrangement and importantly the full attention of a highly-experienced recruiter.

It’s the classic Win Win!

RAD Business Support invoice 10% + VAT of the annualised salary for all successful recruitment assignments. We ask for 14 days exclusivity to allow us the time to compile a quality shortlist and also offer a competitive replacement policy.  This has worked well for us on a number of assignments with success recruiting across the range of commercial functions, and at all levels, including roles such as Financial Controller, Product Manager, Sales Executive, Marketing Assistant, Customer Service and Administration Assistants as well as a number of Graduate roles.

You can register your vacancy here or give us a call on 01603 919019 and we will happily discuss this further with you.

Free CV Review

Want us to review your CV? The send it to hello@radbs.com!

Over the last few weeks we have worked on several roles where we received a high volume of applications. This is not normally a bad thing, however what was quite striking was the number of poorly presented applications.  Fortunately for us, our video interview solution helps us to process these applications quickly and efficiently.  It did however get me thinking about the likely chance of success for these candidates that are applying for roles where the selection process follows a more traditional manner.

It is of course very difficult to write one CV that is perfect for every job application that you are making.  Therefore each application should be tailored to highlight your relevant experience for the position you are applying for.  It is all too easy to get carried away with the number of jobs that you are applying for and letting the quality of application slide.  In my opinion you are better off to make 5 good quality applications, where you have spent time to highlight your key skills, than rush through 10 or 15 poor quality applications.  It might make you feel better that you have covered more ground with the higher number of applications, however you need to be realistic in terms of how much success you are going to achieve from this. Invest your time wisely and make strong applications for jobs that you are suitable for, rather than flooding the market with your CV and then getting disheartened when you do not have much success.

The cold hard truth of the situation is that HR, Recruiters and Hiring Managers are all very busy people.  If they are receiving high levels of applications and you have not made it easy for them to see how you could be a good fit for the role, then there is a high chance they will move onto the next application.  If you have not spent any time on your application, then you can’t really expect much back from them in return.

The good news is that you don’t need to do too much to improve the effectiveness of your CV.  Just think about the person reading it and then make it as easy as you can from them to understand your experience.  The first point is to avoid using and fancy fonts and formats.  Although they might look very nice, they can sometimes make it more difficult to process the information.  The second key point is to tailor your CV for each role that you apply for.  Every different job will have a different set of key skills and so it is important that you clearly demonstrate how your experience is relevant. The job description will highlight a number of key competencies and so use these to feedback your relevant experience.

You can see an example layout here

We are happy to help people with feedback on their CV.  We will give you practical and straight forward advice on how to present your application in the best possible light.  You can further improve your candidate profile, by completing our video interview process and using this to inject your personality into the process.  For any candidates struggling to return to work following redundancy, maternity etc, then we are also able to schedule a time to work through some tips to improve your overall job search strategy.  Get in touch with us at hello@radbs.com