Our recruitment team consists of a combination of specialist recruitment and significant operational management experience.  We will talk with business leaders to understand the culture, direction, ambition and structure of the company; learn of recruitment and retention challenges, identify key skills/ employees and recognise talent shortages. By doing this we can start to create a bespoke recruitment plan for successful recruitment into the business.

Identification of talent

We do not rely on a candidate database—there is no longer a requirement despite what you may hear! Throughout our time in the recruitment industry we have built considerable networks in the sectors and geographical areas that we serve, however we always start each recruitment campaign from scratch.

Our process brings together online advertising, direct contact (headhunting), social media and networking: Each vacancy can also include client-branded (your name and logo) advertisement on generic and specialist job-boards. This is supported by promotion of the position on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

We will make direct approaches to relevant individuals, including any of your own recommendations if you have any. The ‘skill’ is not in finding the people to contact; it is how to attract them to the role and company. This contact is directly undertaken by a senior member of the recruitment team meaning a minimum of 15 years’ experience is brought to bear.

We will create a ‘longlist’ of candidates potentially suitable for the job. This will be a combination of ‘active’ candidates (those actively seeking work) and ‘passive’ (seemingly content where they are). There is often a recruitment misnomer that passive candidates are somehow better—frankly we don’t care which they are, and you shouldn’t either. We ensure the best possible candidates are identified, and that’s it.